Shining New Life

This piece belongs to my Photographic Art, here in Rarible you will find a variety of photographs of my authorship; some highly retouched, others intervened through photomontage and aggregation of digital elements, while others I will present them natural but with some retouches to improve the visual impact of the image.

In order to explain in a more extensive way what my Artistic Project is about, my Vision and what you get when you buy one of my NFTs; Please allow me to tell you who I am and tell you about my Projects:

My name is Fran Afonso, I am a Photography Lover, Creator of Audiovisual Content and Integral Professional in the Television Area. I am Venezuelan, I was born in Caracas but I live in Guatire, a small city east of the Venezuelan capital. I am a graduate of ESCINETV (Caracas Film and Television School) and I am currently Co-Director, Presenter and Content Creator of the Project Sembrando un País SUP (I invite you to visit us on YouTube: com/c/sembrandounpais).

The 3 artistic styles that define me are Photography, Photographic Art and Digital Art; That is why the base canvas for my art is my own photographs, which I retouch to adjust the contrast, the highlights and shadows, color saturation and the application of artistic filters, among other things.

Sometimes I do not apply filters and present my works only as photographs (but retouched), other times I add digital elements, make photomontages and radically transform the original image. Sometimes I act on instinct and experiment, sometimes I plan every detail in advance; but in any case I enjoy what I do and I put a lot of love into my Art.

I am a very restless person, I have very diverse interests and many ideas constantly cross my mind at full speed; for which my work is very varied and you will find landscapes, human and animal portraits, plants, nature, unreal and fantasy images, crypto art, toy art, abstract photos, self-portraits, cars, nature photography, flowers and so on. course portraits of cats and dogs.

In my opinion, art should be unique and that is why I only sell 1 edition of each of my pieces, so that each of my works can have only one owner. I base the prices of my works on the complexity of their realization and the visual impact of the final result.

I consider myself an emerging artist, so I try to keep the prices of my works low because I want everyone who wants to participate in my art to be encouraged to buy an NFT from me and that the price is not an inconvenience.

For my part, I use the profits I get from the sale of my NFTs to continue working on my Project Sembrando un País, as well as to continue developing my art and creating new works.

The main idea of ​​selling my NFTs is to get support from those who like my work and my art, but at the same time offering my Collectors unique and unrepeatable works that can increase significantly in value over time, depending on the development and scope of my career and my projects.

Apart from continuing my work at SUP, I also have plans to take my work to physical and virtual galleries, make myself known in art communities, invest in promotion to increase my reach, seek to be recognized as an artist and for my work to have a higher value.

I am also super active in the Crypto community on Twitter (this is my profile and at the same time that of my project: promoting my NFTs, supporting my favorite artists, talking about the cryptos that I love. like and sharing photos and moments of my personal life.

You can also visit my personal Instagram which I use as Portfolios to show all my work (sold and unsold), as well as to socialize with other colleagues in the artistic field, make new friends and give my collectors one more channel to communicate with me.

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