El Chimu

The Chimu:
The Chimu has the aspect of a small cat, provided with strong wings and scaly legs with very sharp claws, an extremely short tail and broken at the tip as if it ended in a hook. It has prominent yellow eyes, fixed and powerful gaze. His fur, a mixture of short hairs and feathers, bright and beautiful to look at, despite his docile and friendly appearance of the Chimu can be very dangerous and his fury is unparalleled. The ability of this species is to understand the human language, although their race has long forgotten to speak, but always answers everything they say ...
They say that his necklace is magical and that it protects him from all evil. The necklace symbolizes the Sun and the Moon together Galabas, the sun in feminine and Nieko the moon in masculine. The light and darkness in constant harmony and balance, making no one can be without the other.
It is not known for sure where the Chimus comes from ... Legend has it that the goddess Galabas del Sol saved him from an imminent danger and that the god Moon Nieko sheltered him and gave him refuge and that he finally stayed there.
It is also said that its appearance was totally gray and when both gods touched the Chimu their colors were born and mixed ...
when touched by Nieko he inherited the black and white color of his body and his eyes come from Galabas and the light of her lives inside.



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